Why is being in balance important?

There are traits often shared by influential individuals that are cues to those around them, acting as attractors. These people are joyful in their lives, and do not hesitate to celebrate even the smallest victories. They are also tightly focused on where they are going, and it is because of these and other traits that balanced individuals typically have a strong influence on their colleagues.  At some point, they began focusing on where they were going, and they stopped shying away from the slightly daunting question we often have to answer of “What do you want to do with your life?” They instead have learned to embrace the unknown(s) that the future holds, giving them the freedom to take responsibility for their journey and in turn, stay true to their goals.

Maintaining balance in your life is vital to finding your potential because it allows you to be focused on where you want to be, not just where you are. Encountering trouble in one area of life can often cloud judgment and make the future look blurrier than it should, and it is through working towards a more balanced life that we can achieve the clarity of knowing exactly where we want to be. Being balanced is not just about maintaining a yoga pose, it takes a concerted effort in each aspect of our lives to work towards becoming more in balance as we continue on this journey.

Being focused, energized, and enthusiastic in the three main areas of your life can put you on track towards getting to where you would like to be. People seek out energetic personalities both in professional and social settings, wanting to follow them because of the vitality they possess, and the energy they give out to others as well.

-Jay Coughlan