We all want to be successful in life, but yet we forget an important step in this process, which is actually defining what success means to YOU. What the person sitting next to you thinks of success will likely differ from your definition. It is important to define it for yourself because it clarifies what kind of life you want to live, and what direction you need to go in order to obtain your depiction of success, not someone else’s.

Take me for example, others consider me to be a success, but I’m also a convicted felon. My issue is not about success, it’s really about finding my potential. Life’s unexpected changes forced me to figure out what success meant to me, and from that point forward I have been redefining success for myself. What I discovered is that my definition of success is truly finding my potential, and it is through TruBalanced that I have taken my story of life transformation and redemption and funneled it into a firm that strives to help build balanced business leaders. Often definitions of success include financial goals, which play an important role in nearly everyone’s lives, but there’s so much more to success than being wealthy. Being successful in one area of life often leads to voids in other areas you have neglected, like missing what’s going on at home or perhaps losing control of your physical health.

TruBalanced began on the foundation of the 5 Choices, which are my attempt at simplifying the pursuit of success and self-perseverance into 5 distinct principles. The last of the 5 Choices is Balance, specifically staying balanced in life through being dedicated to your career, being present as a parent and spouse, and playing an active role in your community.  It isn’t only about seeking balance, but also to find out how and why you are getting out of balance in life. Balance is vital to finding success, but it is also only one of the 5 Choices outlined by TruBalanced, so be sure to return to the TruBalanced Blog soon for posts regarding the rest of the 5 Choices and other insightful TruBalanced content. For more on my story, please visit our “About” page.

-Jay Coughlan